What the Bake Off can teach us about managing our dough

Over the last six years, The Great British Bake Off has taught us a lot – and not just that there’s a huge audience for competitive sponge-making.

The contestants have produced outstanding show stoppers, inventive signature bakes and mind-boggling technical challenges every week but they have also taught us a number of valuable lessons.

1.     Life is unscripted

Bake Off may follow a schedule of showstopper and recipe-following challenges, but it’s unscripted and there is always an unpredictable risk that your bread will be undercooked, your bottom soggy or your tart collapse.

What we can learn: When it comes to managing your money, you have to plan. At KBL Accounts we provide bespoke, individual, tailored advice to best suit your needs. We also consider all scenarios to help you plan for the future.

2.     Play to your strengths

An hour long programme watching people baking cakes sounds as exciting as watching paint dry. Yet each week more than 10 million viewers tune in. This is because it’s simple formula with no airs and graces.

What we can learn: At KBL Accounts we can help you work out the most tax efficient ways for you to maximize your money and play to your strengths. This might mean setting up a limited company or changing the way you run your bookkeeping.

3.     If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

It sometimes pays to be creative but sometimes bakers can push the limits with too many flavour combinations or adding so many layers to their biscuit show stopper it collapses seconds before judging.

What we can learn: Keep it simple. Finances don’t need to be complex and here at KBL Accounts we answer all your questions in a way that best helps you to understand your budget, manage your money and keep an eye on every penny.

4.     Time planning isn’t time wasted.

During the technical challenge contestants are not given many instructions and many bakers get going without any fore-thought. Although time is limited careful planning is key.

What we can learn: At KBL Accounts we get to know you and your business before we get stuck in. This helps us to plan accordingly and means we can tailor our advice to give you a bespoke offering. This planning allows us to give you a better service.

5.     A little patience goes a long way.

You can’t cook a loaf with no rise. Well, you could. But your bread might be flat as a pancake if you do. Like many ingredients, yeast needs time to work. And bakers who are patient get the best result.

What we can learn: KBL Accounts can help you get to grips with a variety of methods to save money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but with a little patience, it can certainly swell.

6.     There is no point crying over spilt milk

Stressing over a soggy-bottomed or poorly-risen cake is par for the course on Bake Off but histrionic tears and tantrums don’t go well with a cream tea.

What we can learn: While it is good to demonstrate a little passion in life, it’s also good to keep a clear head. At KBL Accounts we can help you manage your finances to get the most out of your business so even at times when things are not going according to plan, you know exactly what is being paid in and out and can budget.

7.     Never set yourself unrealistic targets.

Time and time again, Bake Off contestants list the 20 components of their bake, only to produce 10 in the time they’re given.

What we can learn: Pushing yourself is fine, but making promises you know you can’t deliver on is pointless. We help our clients to make realistic forecasts for the future.

8.     It’s okay to ask for help.

There have been a number of occasions where contestants of Bake Off have stepped in to help each even when a coveted place in the finals is up for grabs.

What we can learn: At KBL Accounts our services are designed to help you do what you do best – run your own business. With this in mind, we have developed a philosophy to listen, understand and act with your best interests at heart. We put your businesses requirements first, minimising your liability for tax, helping you make the most of your money, assisting you with your financial plans, opportunities and investments. We also provide effective, efficient and sound business advice.

It’s ok to ask for help. And we are the best people to provide it.