Limited Company

Whether you need help starting a limited company with Companies House and HMRC or you want to file your end of year accounts and pay your corporation tax, we can help. Our team can handle the entire process and offer you advice on what you need to do and when, removing any worry you may have.

Sole Trader

We can help you set up with HMRC and handle all your accounts and self-assessment. We take time to sit down with you and guide you through the process, helping you get the most from your business.

BookKeeping & VAT Returns

We can keep track of all your income and expenditure on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis and produce your VAT return in a timely manner where necessary. This helps you to effectively manage your budget. We also offer a VAT return checking service for people who want to fill it out themselves and just need reassurance they are doing everything correctly.

Financial Statements

Handling the financial aspects of a company can be a worrying burden for some business owners and many feel out of their depth and confused by the processes. We like to keep you in the loop when you hand over your accounts and are happy to answer your questions, however trivial they may seem to you. We believe opening up the channels of communication for our clients helps foster trust and, when it comes to preparing financial statements, means we can offer you the best advice.

Payroll & Auto-Enrolment

Since the introduction of real time reporting, payroll has become an added problem for many businesses. Using an auto-enrolment tool, we can relieve the pressure on business owners, set-up and run company pension reports and explain what needs to be paid to who and when.